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Tabitha Bible, Optician

“I never get tired of being part of a team whose mission is the gift of vision. I enjoy helping our patients see better – especially when they don’t realize they have not been seeing as well as they could.”

Tabitha Bible L.D.O.

Licensed Optician Tabitha Bible is a homegrown Hardin Valley native. Raised in the Hardin Valley-Karns area, Tabitha loved it so much she never left. She and her husband, also a Karns native, raised their two boys in Hardin Valley and still live just three miles from EyeCare Optical on Hardin Valley Road, where she sees patients for eyewear selection, lens options and custom fittings.

When she was growing up, much of the Hardin Valley and Karns area was just wide-open country (in contrast to today), which was great for a girl like Tabitha who loved nothing better than being outside, riding bikes with her friends from dawn ‘til dusk. Immediately upon graduation from Karns High School, she entered the Roane State Community College Opticianry Program.

Tabitha graduated with her Associate of Applied Science degree in 1993 and earned her license and ABO and NCLE certifications. Her first decade as a Licensed Optician, Tabitha worked for a branch of a national optical retailer, eventually becoming a manager of several offices. That experience was an education in how the retail side of Optometry works, she states. In 2004, she joined Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor and Haun, serving as an optician for the main office on Weisgarber Road, where she has had the opportunity to experience the medical side of optics.

Now, an optician for one of the multiple locations of EyeCare Optical, a division of Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor and Haun, Tabitha enjoys keeping up with advanced lens technologies such as digitally processed progressive lens. She helps her patients navigate the many options, such as glare-reducing, anti-reflection lenses, or a blocker to protect the retina from damaging blue light, or light-responsive color-changing lenses.

Tabitha adds that in her primary responsibilities of selling, dispensing, adjusting, and repairing eyewear, it can be challenging to achieve a balance in fit, vision, and style. In these days of remote retail, it’s a personalized service and a trained, caring optician can make all the difference in the outcome, she believes.

“With evolving designer trends, it can be as much a fashion function as it is a medical function. Some people need handholding throughout the frame selection process, and some are completely independent with every version in between,” she said. “Prescriptions often dictate frame options, so it can be tricky to balance performance and aesthetics. We want our patients to feel confident and comfortable with better vision when they leave with their new eyewear.”

Tabitha is excited about being part of this neighborhood-based eye care practice.

“The people I am helping every day are my neighbors and friends and families of my sons’ friends. Both of our boys were members of the Hardin Valley High School band when they were in school, so I spent a good eight years as a very involved band mom in the past,” she continues. “We know and love this community! Because Hardin Valley is a little bit off the beaten path, despite the fact we are growing, we have remained a close-knit community, more like family. Everything you need is right here.”

Along that same “family” concept, the Optometrists at EyeCare Optical can perform comprehensive eye exams and if there is an eye disease diagnosis, they can refer their patients to an Ophthalmologist at EyeCare Optical in Hardin Valley as well as Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor and Haun.

“I know how much people dislike redundant paperwork and having to start all over again with a new doctor,” Tabitha says. “Patients don’t have to do that here. Our doctors can refer you to a specialist they know in-house, and they can get you in quicker than if it were an outside referral. That is such a gift for our patients.”

Tabitha Bible helps patients with all their eyewear needs at our Hardin Valley location.

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